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Technical nonfiction and spec fiction. She/her. Melbourne, Australia. Generation X. Admin of Outside of a Dog. BDFL of Hometown (Mastodon) instance Old Mermaid Town ( Avatar image is of a book that my dog tried to put on their inside.

My rating scale: ★ = I didn't care for it and probably didn't finish it; ★★ = It didn't inspire but I might have finished it anyway; ★★★ = It was fine; ★★★★ = I enjoyed it; ★★★★★ = I couldn't put it down.

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Shade and Shadow (Paperback, 1996, Del Rey) 2 stars

Back cover description - Raoul Smythe wanted nothing more than to be left alone with …

Fine, not a very coherent whodunit

2 stars

I shouldn’t expect too much from a first-time author under the Del Rey label, but Shade & Shadow feels like two stories—one about magic research, one about the murder—smushed together. The former wasn’t really hashed out properly, and the latter was acceptable but with some poorly chosen red herrings.

Tangents (1989, Warner Books) 1 star

Picked five stories in this collection, published in the 1970s and 1980s. Bounced off two of them. Annoyed at Bear’s depiction of women in two more of them—one featured negative portrayals of sex work and one simply had no women in it. I can get better stories than these.

Rogue Protocol (EBook, 2018, Tordotcom) 4 stars

Sci-fi’s favorite antisocial A.I. is back on a mission. The case against the too-big-to-fail GrayCris …

Content warning Murderbot 3 "Rogue Protocol" spoilers

Artificial Condition (EBook, 2018, Tordotcom) 4 stars

It has a dark past—one in which a number of humans were killed. A past …

Content warning Spoilers, Murderbot 2: Artificial Condition

All Systems Red (EBook, 2017, Tordotcom) 4 stars

"As a heartless killing machine, I was a complete failure."

In a corporate-dominated spacefaring future, …

I like where sf is going

4 stars

Content warning Plot spoilers