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GWM living in Oregon.I used to love books that would really stretch me, but lately I've needed more solace from the books that I read.

My ratings are as follows: * 5 stars: it's truly a great book, and I'll want to re-read it again and again. * 4 stars: it's a good book, and I enjoyed reading it. I'll probably re-read it. * 3 stars: It's a fine book, just not special. I may re-read it if I'm looking to just relax and not have to think, but I would probably pick up a new book instead. * 2 stars: I finished it, but might have given up if I were in a different mood. * 1 star: I didn't enjoy the book and probably didn't finish it. I wouldn't blanketly recommend it, but it might speak to someone else.

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