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Mērija Vestmakota, Ajāthā Kirīstī, Akatā Kir̲isṭi, and 65 others Agatha Chrisitie Mallowan, Agatha M.C. Miller, אגתה כריסטי, Агата Мэри Кларисса Миллер, Agata Krisṟṟi, Agatha Mallowan Christie, كريستي، أغاتا،, أجاثا كريستي،, Agatha Miller Christie, Agatha Mary Clarisa Miller Christie, आगाथा क्रिस्टी, A-ga-ta Kri-xti, Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller Christie, Mary Westmacott, Agatha Kristi, Agaṭah Krisṭi, Agathe Marie Clarissa Miller, A. Kristi, Agatha Miller, アガサ・クリスティ, Agatha Clarissa Mary Miller Christie, كريستى، أجاثا،, אגאתה כריסטי, كريستى، اجاتا،, , Agatha Miller, アガサ クリスチィ, Agathe Christie, Āġātā Krīstī, كريستى، اجاثا ميلر،, كريستى، اجاثا،, A クリスティ, אגאתה קריסטי, كريستي، أجاثا،, اجاثا كريستى،, Агата Мэри Кларисса Маллоуэн, אגטה כריסטי, Agatha Christie-Mallowan, A. |q Kristi, 阿加莎, Agatha Mary Clarisse Miller, Н. А Богомолова, كريستي، أغاثا،, アガサ クリスティ, Mary Clarissa Miller, Agatha Clarissa Mary Christie, Agatha Chritieová, Ajiasa Kelisidi, Agata Christie, אגתה קריסטי, Агата Кристи, كريستي، أجاتا،, アガサ クリスティー, Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, Ajiasha, Agata Kristi, A クリスティー, Ajiasha Kelisidi, 阿加莎 克里斯蒂, Agatha Christie Mallowan, Agatha)، كريستى، أجاثا (Christie, Aghatha Kristi, Agatha Christie, Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, А Кристи, أجاتا كريستي،
Sept. 14, 1890
Jan. 12, 1976

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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, in the United Kingdom, the daughter of a wealthy American stockbroker. Her father died when she was eleven years old. Her mother taught her at home, encouraging her to write at a very young age. At the age of 16, she went to Mrs. Dryden's finishing school in Paris to study singing and piano. In 1914, at age 24, she married Colonel Archibald Christie, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps. While he went away to war, she worked as a nurse and wrote her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920), which wasn't published until four years later. When her husband came back from the war, they had a daughter. In 1928 she divorced her husband, who had been having an affair. In 1930, she married Sir Max Mallowan, an archaeologist and a Catholic. She travelled with her husband's job, and set several of her novels set in the Middle East. Most of her other novels were set in a fictionalized Devon, where she was born.

Agatha Christie is credited with developing the "cozy style" of mystery, which became popular in, and ultimately defined, the Golden Age of fiction …

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